• MADEIRADiG Festival 2024 — 28th November — 3rd December

  • The following airlines are operating flights to Madeira Island:

    Air Berlin | Flights from all major airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    Lufthansa | Flights from all major airports in Germany/ Austria and Switzerland.
    TAP Portugal | TAP Portugal offers good scheduled flight connections from all major European cities. For instance, TAP flies from 6 big German cities (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt and Munich), as well as Vienna/ Austria and Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva) via Lissabon to Funchal and Porto Santo, for the most part several times a day.
    Easyjet | There are flights coming from London, Lisbon and Bristol.
    Finnair | Many flights operating from the Scandic region to Funchal.
    Transavia | Flights between Amsterdam and Funchal
    Monarch | Flights between UK and Funchal

    Festival Hotel | Estalagem da Ponta do Sol
    Quinta da Rochinha
    9360-121 Ponta do Sol | Madeira Island
    Phone: +351 291 970200 | Fax: +351 291 970209
    info@pontadosol.com | www.pontadosol.com

    Concert Venue | Casa das Mudas Art Centre
    Centro das Artes | Vale dos Amores | 9370-111 Calheta
    Phone: +351 291 820 900  |  Fax: +351 291 820 911
    info@centrodasartes.com | www.centrodasartes.com