• Madeira, the island of eternal spring, is blessed with a subtropical climate and sunshine throughout the year. One of Madeira’s greatest attractions lies in its spectacular landscape. The volcanic archipelago is famous for it’s varied scenery and abundant vegetation. All those closely drawn to nature are captivated by the splendor of myriads of flowers, misty jungle, spectacular waterfalls, rocky coasts, black beaches and rainbows of all sizes.

    Each region of the island is very special. Going up North takes you to Asia past green valleys and the typical “Laurissilva” trees. The center seems like a mixture

    of the Swiss Alps and English country side with old British properties surrounded by beautiful fields. The upland moor in the western part resembles the Highlands. And along the coastline you would think yourself in Africa, with the cliffs and gardens crowded with a variety of flowers so close to the warm blue ocean.

    Included in the bio-geographic region of Macaronesia, this European archipelago retains a natural heritage of great scientific value, distinguished by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.