A Winged Victory for the Sullen (US)
    The ambient music duo is the collaboration between Stars Of The Lid founder Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O’Halloran. Made from strings, piano, the occasional horn, and electric guitars processed into ambient washes and scrawls, the music is recorded in large spaces, so that between natural acoustic and electronic effects.

    Super silent (NO/duo show)
    The Norwegians Supersilent is a well known name in contemporary experimental jazz circles due to their unwillingness to compromise, their diverse amalgamation of sounds, their unique work ethic and their icy Scandinavian cool. Even in the studio, all the music is played live.

    Rashad Becker & Eli Keszler (US)
    German mastering engineer and heady electronic sound collagist Rashad Becker shares a spiffy experimental bill with Eli Keszler, a trailblazing percussionist working at the intersection of avant-garde improv and electroacoustic composition.

    Circuit Des Yeux (US)
    Haley Fohr’s music strikes a unique balance between the personal and universal. As Circuit des Yeux she creates music that embodies the complexity of human emotions, juxtaposing tenderness and grief, ecstasy and horror, using sounds as representations of the emotional spectrum that we all experience.

    Selvhenter (DK)
    The all-women quintet honed a sound all its own – an uncompromising, boundless energetic one that blends the aesthetics of experimental rock, the sophistication of improvised free jazz and the aggressiveness of punk, noise and metal, all performed with passion and humor, sometimes even as music fit for dancing.

    John Chantler (AU)
    Chantler released his third solo LP for Lawrence English’s ROOM40 label in 2014 – ‘Even Clean Hands Damage the Work’ recorded for the most part at EMS studios in Stockholm follows ‘The Luminous Ground’ – released in 2011 and included in The WIRE magazine’s top releases of that year. ‘The Luminous Ground’ was his first LP release focusing on the modular synthesizer system he first explored as part of the trio LP with Lawrence English & Tujiko Noriko.

    MEGO 20 Anniversary Showcase

    Klara Lewis (SE)
    Field recordings, small sounds, samples, ambient pot holes, repetition, and giddy disorientation. Klara Lewis began her quest into the art of sound creation initially from a visual perspective. It is perhaps for this reason that her material has a certain cinematic quality, where sounds constantly allude to a vast array of possible images.

    Thomas Brinkmann (DE)
    Minimal techno, a genre that revolves around compulsive sonic fastidiousness, is a breeding ground for tonal obsession—the picky ears of its makers and audience have played a major role in keeping pure analog synthesis alive and evolving during the periods when it wasn’t in style. German minimalist techno producer Thomas Brinkmann has gone deliriously over that particular edge.

    Hecker + Tina Frank (AT)
    Tina Frank, the Vienna-based pioneer in the realm of graphic design has already worked for some time with the German sound-artist Florian Hecker, who composes insistent pieces by discussing in detail unusual audio-compilations in the field of the crossover of Serious Music and Electronica.

    Chra (AT)
    After a long period of experiments in low frequencies and noise-effects, Chra starts to work on clubbeats, playing with sinuswaves – created through shareware soundeffects – processed through taperecorder and analogue and digital tools. Chra has traced out a post-anthropocene area in which acoustic entries of field recordings are stratified in layers of deconstructed noisescapes.


    Ena (JP/DJ)
    A visionary producer based in Tokyo, he produces music at the very boundaries of early drum & bass and abstract hip hop. In his recorded output Ena invariably searches for new sounds and endeavours to develop new rhythmic frontiers.

    Heatsick (LIVE/UK/Pan)
    Heatsick is the project of musician and visual artist Steven Warwick, whose entrancing live show is created in real time based upon loops that are moulded, stretched and reduced to interlink, nestling and merging with one another in a similar way to his visual artwork, where objects and media combine and coalesce in an environment inviting the viewer’s participation.

    Chica Paula (DJ/CHL/Kalk Pets)
    She is a big name in the electronica scene in Berlin, makes a bold fusion between several music genres. During her performances she combines fairytale-like ambient with house,techno and electropop.

    The Friends & Family stage on Friday night at the after show will be jam packed with our interesting guests. See DJ sets by German composer Sven Helbig, Austrian music enthusiast Rossi Walcher, singer/songwriter Clara Hill, Berlin culture promoter Dominique Schweizer, Lisbon DJ duo Syndicate and more as they share their personal favourite songs with everyone at MADEIRADIG 2015.

    Michael Rosen (DJ/DE/Digital in Berlin)
    Michael Rosen founded the independent cultural agency, Digital in Berlin, which curates, promotes and develops events concepts and concerts in Berlin and around the world. He co-directs the MADEIRADiG Festival since 2008, and in 2012 he founded the MMiFF Film Festival – both taking place on the magical Atlantic island of Madeira. Besides that, he is a music enthusiast, DJ and has his own radio show in Berlin.

    PROGRAM 2015

    FRIDAY: 04 DEC – 21.30H
    After Show with Friends & Family

    SATURDAY:  05 DEC – 21.30H
    CHRA (AT)
    After Show with Heatsick (UK) LIVE + DJ Chica Paula (CL)

    SUNDAY: 06 DEC – 21.30H
    After Show with ENA (JP)

    MONDAY: 07 DEC – 21.30H
    After Show with DJ Michael Rosen (DE) & Friends