• MADEIRADiG Music Festival | 1-4.12.2017


    Tony Conrad (US)

    Tony Conrad is an American avant-garde video artist, experimental filmmaker, musician/composer, sound artist, teacher and writer. Support for Conrad’s work has come from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the State University of New York, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Conrad is a graduate of Harvard University (A.B., 1962, major Mathematics). In 1960 Tony Conrad went Copenhagen to his friend who was a research mathematician and was working on a computer project at Physics Chemist Institute there. That computer was the only computer at that time in Denmark with a memory of 8 Kilobyte. Conrad was an early member of the Theatre of Eternal Music, nicknamed The Dream Syndicate, which included John Cale, Angus MacLise, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela, and utilized just intonation and sustained sound (drones) to produce what the group called “dream music”.

    Aaron Dilloway (US)

    Aaron Dilloway is an experimental musician. He is an improvisor and composer originally from Brighton, Michigan who works with the manipulation of 8-Track tape loops in combination with voice, tape delays and various organic and electronic sound sources. A founding member of the industrial noise group Wolf Eyes (1998 – 2005), Dilloway now resides in Oberlin, OH where he runs Hanson Records and Mailorder.

    Julianna Barwick (US)

    Julianna Barwick is an American musician who was born in Louisiana and raised in Missouri. She currently lives in Brooklyn. Her music is built around multiple loops and layers of her voice. Barwick, who credits a rural, church choir upbringing for her sound, begins most tracks with a single phrase or refrain, then uses a loop station and the occasional piano or percussive instrument to build the song into a swirling mass of lush, ambient folk.

    Lawrence English (AU)

    Lawrence English is composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He investigates the politics of perception via live performance and installation to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.

    Transflora an audio-visual performance by Suga (PT)

    The inspiration to this performance comes from the very core of the Portuguese mother Nature. Based in real footage from living elements, the flora is now transformed and processed by the imaginary of Suga. Once these forms are processed, they mutate into abstract patterns, generating merely a sensation of what they were before. This visual narrative is empowered by sound. Non-rhythmic noises are also formed and processed, emulating chaotic nature.

    Tomaga (UK)

    TOMAGA is two musicians on a quest to deconstruct their normal sonic palette and create a new and unfamiliar sound world. Having played as musicians for years in bands such as The Oscillation, Shit N Shine, Neon Neon, Raime, Voice Of Seven Thunders, Luke Roberts and countless others, TOMAGA channels multi-instrumentalism into music that is by turns reminiscent of industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism.

    Joana Gama & Luís Fernandes with Quest (PT)

    Quest is a project by Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes, two musicians with a well established careers in classical and electronic music. Their fascination by the interlacing of universes led to an authorial project where the piano is the central element for manipulations and subversions by the electronics.

    plants and empire’ by Christina Ertl, Derek Shirley and Pierce Warnecke (DE/CA/US)

    Sound researcher Christina Ertl specializes in plant recordings. She will do an extended recording of the endemic plants of Madeira island and use the source material for a performance on the last day of the Festival, she will be joined by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Derek Shirley and US visual artist Pierce Warnecke.


    Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth (UK/Live AV) PAN

    Conor Thomas (DJ/UK)

    Lucrecia Dalt (Col/Live) Human Ear Music

    Friends & Family Stage (DJs) with Clara Hill, Manuela Bennetton, Jens Balzer and more.

    Thomas Bücker (Bersarin Quartett) & Michael Rosen (Digital in Berlin) (DJ/DE)


    05 DEC – 21.30H
    00:00 Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth (UK/Live AV)
    00:45 Errorsmith (DE/DJ)

    06 DEC – 21.30H
    00:00 Lucrecia Dalt (COL/Live)
    00:45 Conor Thomas (DE/DJ)

    07 DEC – 21.30H
    00:00 MADEiRADiG‘s Friends and Family Stage with with Clara Hill, Manuela Benetton, Jens Balzer and Christian Peters

    08 DEC – 21.30H
    00:00 Thomas Bücker + Michael Rosen (DE/DJs)